Santorini is a small island located in the southern Aegean Sea with shape created and sculptured by the volcanic eruptions back in the prehistoric time, which formulated the famous caldera.

“Santorini” as a name of the island was first time used by the Latin Empire, and is a reference to Saint Irene - the old cathedral of Perissa – which is a contraction of the name Santa Irini. Before, the island was known as Strogili ("the circular one"), Kallisti (“the most beautiful”) or simply Thera.

Major towns and villages of the island are Fira (capital), Oia (Ia), Imerovigli, Emporio, Kamari, Akrotiri (location of the famous prehistoric Minoan archaeological site) and Pyrgos.

Wine industry is based on the indigenous grape variety, Assyrtiko, and two other, Athiri and Aidani. White wines from the island are extremely dry with a strong, citrus scent and mineral and iodide salt aromas contributed by the ashy volcanic soil. Despite the lack of water on the island and rain during the summer, grapes grow on the eastern slopes, vines are cultivated in a round shaped way to be protected from the strong winds and the vines as well as other plants depend on the scant moisture provided by the common dew.


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Santorini's Vinsanto is a pride of the island, local dessert wine made from the best sun-dried Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani grapesand barrel aging (up to twenty-five years). This sweet, dark amber-orange dessert wine is known worldwide for its aromas.

Wineries in Santorini worth visiting: Santo winery (in Pyrgos), Sigalas winery (in Baxedes around Oia), Boutaris winery (in Megalochori), and Canava Roussos (in Mesa Gonia).

Its unique lunar landscape and the exceptional clarity of the Aegean Sea are simply superb. Let us guide you along the crystalline beaches which form an uninterrupted line along the island’s windswept shores so that you can get an idea of their, awe-inspiring and curiously compelling beauty!

The island is surrounded on the east and south side by unique and mysterious landscaped beaches with deep clear blue waters: the red and white beach in Akrotiri,with black sand Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari beach, Vlichada beach, Monolithos beach, around Oia area you can find Katharos and Kolumbos beach.

Recommended Museums: Archeological site in Akrotiri, AcientThera, Museum of prehistoric Thera in Fira, and the Maritime museum in Oia

What makes Santorini though unique and attractive, are the dramatic panoramas along the caldera and the most marvelous and romantic Sun sets, especially at the old castle in Oia.

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